Souvenir de New York

Remember, last February, you and I, in that airport? We had that plan in our heads for so long, we dreamed of it for so many years, even ten years ago, the teenagers we were, with no money, no jobs, just the idea of making it possible one day, back then, that was good enough for us.

And look at us right now, in that plane, ready to take off and you holding my hand just because you know how much I don’t like it, I can’t believe that soon we’ll get married!

And here, above the ocean, away in the clouds, looking through the window and seeing it, the lights, like a million fireflies, of the city that never sleeps, just for us, just for one second, and at that precise moment, I knew I was going to live the most unforgettable moment of my life.

And it was, it truly was, not only because of this city we have dreamed of since we were kids, but because I made it with you. That’s why I wouldn’t trade this memory for anything in the world. You made this journey special and I got everything I need…when I got you next to me

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