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What to do in Manchester

Manchester…in five amazing spots!

Have you ever been to Manchester? After almost three years living in the U.K I finally got a chance to see one of the most iconic cities of the country! To be truly honest with you, I didn’t really know what to expect of Manchester and I am still not quite sure I actually liked it! It’s a really weird feeling because there is definitely some kind of energy in the city, something still very organic and completely different from London. London seems like a very polished city whereas Manchester is raw, with no compromise, you either love it or hate it but it won’t definitely leave you unmoved.


The city has such a strong identity and personality that it makes it very difficult for me to describe it, that’s why I choose 5 different spots that really defines what is Manchester to me:


Evelyn’s Cafe Bar

Gorgeous interiors, delicious food, plants everywhere,
Evelyn’s Cafe and Bar is a must-see,
The bar room downstairs deserve a visit too!

Mackie Mayor

What to see in Manchester Mackie Mayor

Giant food hall with quality products and amazing choices,
Mackie Mayor serves an incredible range of food…
…and the place is incredible!

Atkinsons Coffee Roasters

Atkinsons Coffee Roasters is located right inside the Mackie Mayor Hall.
The place is designed with taste,
The coffee delicious,
That’s more than enough to me!

Deadstock General Store

What to do in Manchester

This store is incredible,
First let’s be franc, the pink facade speaks for itself!
But don’t hesitate to check inside too, the shop is full of little treasures!

The view from Mercure Manchester

Is there anything better than a breakfast (or lunch? or drinks??) with a view?
The view from Mercure Hotel Piccadilly is one of the best spots to see the city from above!


Parisian of heart, recently Londoner and former New-Yorker, Alex, 28, teacher by day and passionate blogger and photographer the rest of the time, has developed a strong interest for travels and adventures since he decided to move to Beijing in 2011. Always ready to go back on the road, Alex is more than decided to hump on new adventures that will lead him all around the world!

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  • Tres belles photos! Ca donne envie d’y aller.

    10 mai 2018 at 10:06
  • To ces adresses! Gros crush pour EVELYN’S CAFE BAR et MAKIE MAYOR !

    10 mai 2018 at 11:37

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