A weekend away from London to Oxford: Pretty streets and coffee shops
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A morning in Oxford

10:30: Coffee at The Jam Factory

Every single of my expeditions always has to start by the same ritual: Coffee! This time was no different and that’s why we stop at The Jam Factory. Loft atmosphere but very cosy, the Jam Factory is definitely a must-do in Oxford!

11:30: It’s time to explore the city!

It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the train station to the city center. Don’t spend too much time on the malls and big retailers and strictly get to the Covered Market which will offer you a truly authentic and local shopping experience!

12:00: Holywell Street

A little detour by Holywell street which is probably the most colourful street of the city! A bit of Notting Hill right in the middle of Oxford. A mandatory stop for all the the colour lovers out there!

12:45:Brunch time!

We stop at the Handle Bar Cafe and Kitchen and completely felt in love with the place! A bit like the Jam Factory, the restaurant is very airy and bright, similar to a loft reconversion. The food was really nice so was the staff. Absolutely beautiful interior.

The most beautiful streets of Oxford
Holywell Street Oxford
The Jam Factory Oxford
Oxford in one day
The most beautiful streets of Oxford
The most beautiful streets of Oxford
Handle Bar and Kitchen in Oxford
Handle Bar and Kitchen in Oxford
An afternoon in Oxford
Colleges of Oxford

14:00: The colleges of Oxford

A visit to Oxford wouldn’t complete without visiting the colleges of the city! Old stones, beautiful windows, detailed architecture, the colleges are a symbol of the city and deserve a visit. And good news: You don’t need to be a student to have access to the colleges! So go ahead and pretend you are 18 again!

15:30: The Bodleian Library!

If you are an absolutely fan of Harry Potter, you will absolutely need to visit the Bodleian Library! This place inspired many decors of the movies some of the scenes of the saga were filmed in the building. You can have access to the first room for only 2£ but the rest of the visit is led by a guide and will cost around 6£ per person.

16:30: Ending the day in Church Park

It’s nearly the end of the day and time to head to Church Park. Oxford is fascinating also for this in-between of city and countryside ambiance. Church Park is definitely the best example to feel it. Cows, Old castles and meadows without even leaving Oxford: A beautiful end to a beautiful day in Oxford!

Visit the colleges of Oxford
Visit the colleges of Oxford
Visit the colleges of Oxford
Visit the colleges of Oxford
Church Park Oxford
Church Park Oxford
Where to stay in Oxford?

A stay with Mercure Hotel

This year I have the privilege to travel around the UK with Mercure Hotels. A unique chance to visit the country and discover new hotels each time I am on the road! After Banbury in September, I couldn’t wait to have my second destination finally officially planned! Oxford was on my list for a long time and, once again, I wasn’t disappointed at all!

Mercure hotels have a true and strong identity. No matter where you go, you always know what to expect about the group: Comfort, elegance and style. But what I truly appreciate is that each hotel has its very own influence and atmosphere which makes every single property truly unique.

I absolutely loved the lobby in the Mercure Eastgate Hotel, very warm and comfortable. If I had more time, I would have loved to spend a cozy morning sitting on the armchairs of the living area. Very bright and airy, the lobby opens up to a beautiful bar where a nice collection of drinks are available.

My room was once again beautiful. Small but on the top floor of the building which allows a nice view and more light, which is always a good thing right? I also loved the fact that it only takes a few seconds to know that you are in Oxford and nowhere else:  Behind the bed, a beautiful frame of Oxford’s iconic canal view is an invitation to explore the city.

As always, the breakfast was delicious and very gourmand! But this is what I love the most about staying in a hotel: Having a champion breakfast to start a new day of exploration…and once again, I was full until the evening!

Mercure Hotel Oxford
Mercure Hotel Oxford
Mercure Hotel Oxford
Mercure Hotel Oxford
Where to stay in Oxford
Where to stay in Oxford

Have you been to Oxford? Tell me what you liked the most!

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  • This article is very helpful! I love the structure of it. Thanks for the great recommendations!

    29 décembre 2017 at 9:47
  • Benz

    I really loved the post ! It made me want to discover Oxford, thank you for that ! The pictures were beautiful ! I also follow you on Instagram and everywhere you go makes me want to visit ! Keep doing what you do because it’s really great !
    I’m also a frenchie (well, half French / half British), aspiring to live in London !
    Cheers !

    29 décembre 2017 at 11:13

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