Since I have started my instagram journey three years ago, I received a lot of comments asking me what were my favorite hidden spots in London! That’s such a hard question isn’t it? So today in collaboration with Whisperocity, I have decided to share with you my 5 favorite hidden spots in London! And that’s not all: We will be giving to 5 lucky winners a hotel voucher to spend a night in our beautiful city! See below how to enter the giveaway!

Host Cafe

Who would have thought that in the middle of the City, located inside an 900 years old church,the St Mary Aldermary Church, a really nice and cozy coffee shop would be hidden! I am always fascinated by those unexpected discoveries that I am still making after three years in London! You think you know the city very well and still…there is always something new to see!

Host Cafe in London

Churchill Arms

If London was a pub, it would definitely be the Churchill Arms! A lot of people on Instagram have fallen in love with the thousands of flowers that literally recover the whole facade of that establishment located between High Street Kensington and Notting Hill. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen it quite a few times on my feed as well but what I never told you until now is that the inside of the pub is definitely worth a visit too! And believe me, if you loved the flowers outside you are going to love the jungle inside! And as if it was not enough, the pub is actually a delicious Thaï restaurant!

5 secret spots in London

Codrington mews

Hello? It’s me…I am sure all Adele’s fans will recognize those lyrics!? Right!? And so why are we talking about Adele in this 5 hidden spots of London today? Well…the reason is that the most famous British singer of all time actually signed her first record in one of the most charming and hidden little street of Notting Hill: Codrington Mews! Most of the people go to Portobello Road or St. Luke’s mews when they visit Notting Hill, try Codrington Mews next time you are around: The cuteness of a hidden mews and a beautiful black and white giant mural on top of it! What else to ask?

most beautiful street in london

St.Paul’s and the London skyline for free!

We all know that having access to the skyscrapers’ views in London could be pricey! So if I told you could have a beautiful view over St.Paul’s, the river Thames and the London skyline for free…would you believe me? And in order to do that, you just need to go to the One New Change shopping mall in the city and take the lift to the top floor to have access to a beautiful rooftop garden! The view from there is incredible and that’s another hidden gems in London!

Best view in London

Best view in London

The garden of the Museum of the Order of St.John

Here is a spot I have discovered by chance recently! I was trying to avoid a sudden rain in Clerkerwell when I stumbled on this beautiful garden attached to the St.John’s museum. It’s really small but you won’t regret your visit: The place looks like a hidden garden of a castle: A few arches, a couple of benches, flowers everywhere and even a fountain! It’s the perfect place to enjoy a break in the middle of the city!

Hidden garden in London

*** It’s Giveaway time! ***

So here is some of the tips I already added to Whisperocity app, which is a new travel app curated by locals! I have used it a couple of months ago while in Vienna and it’s full of amazing ressources to explore a city! Now, ladies and gentlemen, here is your chance to win a hotel night stay in London! Whisperocity and I are giving away 5 hotel vouchers to use with a +1 whenever you want in London! The only thing we ask in return is that if you are picked up, just like me, add your 10 tips to Whisperocity! It’s really easy and don’t forget, this is only if you are randomly picked up!

So if you want to participate, just leave me a comment below and tell me what is your favorite hidden spots in London? Or if you don’t have one, which one of the five above would you be tempted to see??

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