being a new dad

Being a new dad is tuff. That’s no news. There’s a lot of things that you can read or hear to document yourself about this new (huge!) step in life but nothing can really prepare you to the tsunami that having kids is. It’s like entering a new time zone and being jet-lagged all the time! 😂
For me, one of the most difficult thing to deal with is sleep so when the team at Drift Sleep asked me to write about my life as a new daddy, I couldn’t resist sharing with you some of the funny facts about sleep that happen to new parents! Here they are!

  1. Sleep while you still can. The little one will try everything possible to make you forget about what a proper night of sleep looks like. And believe me, I don’t know what kind of training they receive but they are quite good at it!
  2. Each minute of sleep counts. I am actually tempted to rather say that each second counts…yes that’s how desperate I am.
  3. A lot of people will tell you « Sleep when the little one is sleeping ». Yep, but that’s not working either, because when he sleeps, you still have the laundry to do, the dishes to wash, to vacuum the apartment… so people stop
  4. Try to avoid instagraming,tweeting or snap-chatting in bed before going to sleep! People on social media will agree…this is a tuff one!
  5. Always try to respect your sleeping environment: No nappies, no forgotten sock, no full of saliva in the bed area please! No matter how hard I try, I always find on of those stuck somewhere between sheets, pillows or comforter!
  6. Don’t be jealous about your friends who brag about their kids sleeping a full night by the end of their first month. Find new friends instead.
  7. If you have a small bed, you may consider changing to a big one. That’s crazy how such a tiny person uses as space!
  8. Be prepared to have all your survival kit close to your bed at night: That may includes clean nappy and a bottle full of water where you can put the formula in a second. When the little one is hungry, you have 20 seconds to stop the bomb to explode.
  9. Before the little one was there and even more since then, my bed became my new work station! I can work with one hand on my iPad and the other holding baby’s bottle. That’s something I am planning to add to my resume for sure.
  10. Last but not least, make sure your bed is comfortable enough, it’s obvious, I know, but when the little one is quietly asleep on our bed, I could spend hours looking at him and I want to do that in the best sleep environnement possible!


Thanks a lot to @driftsleep who challenged me to write this blogpost! Driftsleep makes mattresses which are entirely handcrafted here in the UK. If you haven’t got a chance to learn more about them, you know now what you have to do!

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